EDITUP – Adopt the “Client Attitude!”

April 29, 2014

An on-line training program to learn the “client attitude!”

Program Objective:
To better understand the client relationship process and master the necessary attitudes for optimal client satisfaction.

The “Adopt the Client Attitude!” course was created to develop the employee’s potential and can be divided into six areas:

  1.  Welcoming the client.
  2.  Understanding the client’s needs.
  3.  Answering and making a sales pitch.
  4.  Closing the meeting.
  5.  Managing any required follow-up service.
  6.  Adopting key relational attitudes.

This unique learning experience was built on significant field experience. The pedagogical approach uses different teaching methods and combines the excitement of a serious game with short and varied e-learning activities.
Additional training is possible through EditUp gaming rooms sessions.

The title is available via the EditUp hub. Due to its innovative ergonomics, the platform offers complete pedagogical programs specific to each player’s rhythm.

More than just a training program, “EditUp” is an experience not to be missed!

To find out more, ask for your free access demo.

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