EDITUP – Boost Your Sales

April 30, 2014

“Boost Your Sales” is an online training that puts into practice the principles essential to a successful sale.

EditUp by KTM Advance is a complete and unique solution on the editorial training market.

EDITUP is a unique learning experience modeled from field experience. The pedagogical approach mobilizes the different registers of experiential learning. EDITUP combines short and varied activities and serious games. The training course can be extended with in person training solutions.

The title is available via the Training Hub. Thanks to its innovative ergonomics, the platform provides learners complete learning paths in which each agrees to its rhythm.

With “Boost Your Sales” you will view, review and put in practice the key techniques for a successful sale.

Listen, ask questions and reply to your client objections.

Make your sales pitch and practice up-selling and cross-selling…And become a top seller!

By the end of the sale’s process, your radar will indicate the areas you can still progress in and will help orient you on a personalized training path.

It’s up to you to improve through the numerous exercises available.

Train yourself by meeting all the challenges !

With “Boost Your Sales”, meet colorful characters and immerse yourself in real-life situations.

Listen, negotiate, make your sales pitches and meet the challenges to become a super seller.

“Boost Your Sales” offers up to 7 hours of training, 13 Serious Games, 67 Exercises.

More than training, live the EDITUP experience

Contact us : commercial@editup.fr

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