Finance for Non-Financial Managers

August 18, 2014

“Finance for Non-Financial Managers” is the result of collaboration between experts in digital training and EDHEC Executive Education managers.

EditUp by KTM Advance is a complete and unique solution on the editorial training market.

EDITUP is a unique learning experience modeled from field experience. The pedagogical approach mobilizes the different registers of experiential learning. EDITUP combines short and varied activities and serious games. The training course can be extended with in person training solutions.

The title is available via the Training Hub. Thanks to its innovative ergonomics, the platform provides learners complete learning paths in which each agrees to its rhythm.

You, too, can speak “Finance”! Learn to decode performance indicators and understand key documents.

“Finance for Non-Financial Managers” will develop your collaborators’ potential by focusing on 5 major areas:

  • Balance Sheet: Holdings
  • Profit and loss accounts : performance
  • Cash Flow:  WC, WCR, CASH
  • Intermediate subtotals: Diagnosis
  • Speaking “Finance”

With this training, give your team the keys to:

  • Understand the words behind the figures, and the figures behind the words
  • Play with performance indicators
  • Chat with your financial director


“Finance for Non-Financial Managers” offers up to 3 hours of training, 3 serious games, 48 exercises

The training course can be extended with in person training solutions.

More than training, live the EDITUP experience.

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