Our offer of made-to-measure solutions: it’s haute couture that fits perfectly

Our “hand-sewn” pedagogical solutions are created side by side with the client, to respond to regularly-evoked operational performance needs. Active pedagogical terms stimulate different cognitive strategies according to the need:

Various e-learning modes

Des modalités de e-learning variées
KTM-Advance has created more than 400 made-to-measure e-learning courses, dedicated to training and learning, and including role-playing, overviews, and analysis.


Serious Game Systems

Des dispositifs serious game
KTM Advance – Vorreiter beim Serious Game: Erfahrungsbeschleuniger.
KTM Advance’s experience accelerators: a precursor in the field of serious games. The serious games concept methodology and the tools used by KTM Advance to carry it out are the result of seven years of experience, over 40 projects and an extremely diverse portfolio of games and budgets.

Face to face teaching of the next generation “The digital classroom”

Gaming and collaborating: taking the best aspects of face-to-face training by valorizing collaboration and individual skills.
Activity media: tablets, portable devices, just to name a few !
A modern and new format, a vector for individual and collective engagement due to the immediate valorization of the collaborative performance.
le présentiel nouvelle génération

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