Though it may be tempting to use as many digital technologies as possible, KTM Advance never puts the means before any given project’s needs.

With 20 years of experience, the company contributes its strategic advice and needs analysis to determining the best training solutions, and those that will considerably improve performance.


Powerful development engines

To meet the challenge of custom-made projects while respecting the deadlines, KTM Advance has developed several tools to faciliate the prodution and maintenance of e-learning modules and serious games:
shell editor
  • The Shell contains an editor that generates XML files which in turn are interpreted by the engine, based on Flash by Adobe. It facilitates the creation, location and modification of e-learning product content.
  • Genome is architecture software used to create various serious games: “builders” such as Moonshield ou Starbank, economic simulations like Cap Odyssey, or massively multiplayer social games like Rio Forward +50. It is built on a system/entity approach, based on the data.

Portable Formats

KTM Advance’s philosophy consists of providing its clients with digital training solutions adapted to the evolutive use of its learners. Not only does KTM Advance ensure its e-learning and serious games are accessible on a smartphone or tablet, but we also adapt the content itself to these new screens.
The applications are not only created for the trainees but also for the instructors who can follow the trainees’ progression and intervene in real time.

solution crossmedia

3D real time

Because innovation is part of its genetic make-up, KTM Advance bought the video games studio, Darkwoods, in 2011 and has since continued to invest in the development of the 3D game engine PlayAll. This technology is a complement to the Unity motor, also used in numerous projects.

The immersion allowed by simulations and serious games in 3D and real time can be further enhanced by Virtual Reality: stereoscopic goggles, force-feedback systems and motion captors enhance programs created to train technical movements and interventions.

3d temps reel

The HTML5 Evolution

html 5
Because the internet is quickly and constantly evolving, KTM Advance helps their clients choose the technical solution that best corresponds to the trainee’s conditions of use.

Online or offline? Distribution via appStore or browser? HTML5 is one of the tools KTM Advance uses to provide the best solution for the project.

Support and roll-out
Support and roll-out
Roll-out is a key factor in a system’s success. KTM Advance assists its clients in identifying solutions adapted to their limits.

This service can include:

  • Providing LMS (KTM training hub or other market platforms)
  • Hosting, maintenance, client and/ or user support
  • Managing and logistics of face-to-face roll-out
  • Translation and localization

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