Industrialization Platform

In 2010 the CM-CIC Capital Finance investment fund provided KTM Advance with 2.5 M€ in funding for its research and development activities. KTM Advance reinforced its production tools in order to best respond to today’s pedagogical issues, and to prepare to those they will face tomorrow.
exemple of KTM's projetcs
The company has mastered the entire processing chain dedicated to training solutions: between 2010 and 2011, KTM Advance multiplied its number of projects by three.
During this period, KTM Advance worked for 68 clients throughout the world, 35 of which have been with the company for over a year. Over 100 projects, including 31 Serious Games, have been finalized, tested, and delivered: 100% operational, with deadlines met and budgets respected.
In 2011, KTM Advance announced the initial figures of its prospection in Germany and in Great Britain.To stay at the forefront, KTM Advance acquired one of the most powerful 3D, real-time platforms in the world, developed specifically for simulation. This technology allows KTM Advance to successfully respond to its clients’ needs.


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